Relocating To a New Place? Keep These Moving Tips Handy

Whether you are moving for work or some other reasons, relocating can be a tricky affair. Every relocation story is unique in its way. While some move with family, others move on their own. In either way, it involves a lot of packing, moving and unpacking activities. Going to a new place simply adds up to the stress. So if you are shifting to a place as huge as Toronto, a few tips up your sleeve can make the process less hassled.

Create Your Moving Folder

While moving, you must keep all your documents handy. Keep all the details of your new address, papers of rental or purchase, moving contracts as well as agreements and records of payments handy. A very practical tip is to keep hard copies of all documents. To keep your official documents, you can keep a moving folder. For extra convenience, you can keep all your work-related documents in a USB stick. Besides the documents, you can also keep some toys for your children (if you have them) and essential medicines with you.

Book Well In Advance

Instead of waiting to grab some deals with Condo Movers in Toronto, it makes sense to book your services beforehand. Last-minute bookings can invite many unwelcome surprises, especially when you are relocating. However, if you are a frequent mover, then consider having your furniture pads or covers, tie-down straps, furniture dolly and rope. They can help you save some money on the packing and moving bill.

Golden Rules to Make Things Right

Hiring companies that specialize in corporate relocation services in Toronto can be expensive. You do need to shell out some extra notes if your company does not cover for it, even partially. However, you can still save some money if you can manage at least some of the packing jobs on your own. Here are a few tips to make it:

  1. Choose the right-sized boxes for your belongings. For example, you can keep small boxes to pack heavy items, such as books. Again, keep the light items, such as pillows and linens in the bigger boxes.
  2. Never leave space in any of your boxes. You can fill in the gaps, if any with clothes, packing papers and towels. Remember that unbalanced and loosely packed boxes are not favorable for distant moving.
  3. Apart from your children’s belongings, there are certain things that you would rather pack on your own. For example, keep some toiletries and eatables handy. Also, pack your old books, souvenirs, small mirrors, shoes and clothes without professional assistance. Right before moving, you can also sell some of your old belongings like old clothes, bags, footwear and electronics, as well as decors that you do not want anymore. Some charities can collect usable stuff from your doorstep.


No matter your packing and moving needs, locally owned companies will have something to offer. While looking for a moving partner, dint forgets to visit the company website, ask for quotes and request for some customized services.

Canada’s favourite movers are here for you, ready to provide a free estimate for your move to Toronto. Let’s Get Moving!

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