Things To Know Before Booking A Virtual Escape Room Singapore

Virtual Escape Rooms are the newest trend in Singapore, and they are here to stay. So here are the things you must know before you book your own Virtual Escape Room Singapore.

You will need at least two people to play – virtual escape rooms are designed as a team-building activity, and solitaire is not possible. The more, the merrier, but it’s best to be in teams of four or six players, so there can always be one person who has their questions answered by another player if needed.

You don’t have much time! It usually takes around an hour for a virtual room, though some might take shorter or longer depending on how you choose your difficulty level. But do remember that virtual escapers must work quickly to solve all the puzzles before they run out of time!

Booking online is effortless: simply go to the Virtual Escape Room Singapore website and follow these steps.

Virtual escape rooms do not require any special skills or knowledge. Simply use your observation and reasoning to find the clues that will lead you out of the room!

Virtual rooms are suitable for people aged 12 years old and above. However, we recommend them only for those who have completed primary school education (or equivalent), as they might be slightly challenging depending on the difficulty levels selected.

Virtual escape games can become quite addictive – so make sure there’s enough time in your schedule before booking a slot. There is also an option where players book by purchasing game credits instead of moving through our calendar one day at a time, which means more flexibility with when you want to play!

We hope that these things will help you book the best virtual adventure for you and your team!

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